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Libri in uscita: "Wow!" (Serie On a night like this #1) di Sean Kennedy

Titolo: Wow! 
Serie: On a night like this #1 
Autore: Sean Kennedy 
Editore: Self-Published 
Genere: Contemporaneo 
Pagg.: 80 
Prezzo: € 0.99 - Disponibile anche in KU 
Data di uscita: 16 gennaio 2018 
Link per l'acquistoAmazon 

On a night like this, magic can happen.

Seven couples. Seven stories. One night. A night for love.

Mark is a respectable banker during business hours, but on a Saturday night he becomes the fabulous Allotta Moxie, drag queen extraordinaire. Allotta is everything Mark is not--confident, bold, sassy, and well-loved.

He wishes he had a quarter of her self-assurance, especially when it comes to Joel, the new hire at work. Most men run a mile when they discover Allotta hiding in his closet. She's a lot to take on. So what will be Joel's reaction when he meets Allotta for the first time? And more importantly, will Allotta like Joel?

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