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Libri in uscita: "Confide in Me" (Serie On a Night Like This #2) di Renae Kaye

Titolo: Confide in Me 
Serie: On a night like this #2 
Autrice: Renae Kaye 
Editore: Self-Published 
Genere: Contemporaneo 
Prezzo: € 0.99 - Disponibile anche in KU 
Data di uscita: 30 gennaio 2018 
Link per l'acquisto: Amazon 

On a night like this, magic can happen. Seven couples. Seven stories. One night. A night for love.

What do people do when the man of their dreams tells them they “just want to be friends”? If you’re me, you agree. Stupidly.

Ed’s on Tinder looking for a boyfriend. He’s out of luck until he gets swiped right by Callum Brown. After just one date, he’s sure he’s found the one. Unfortunately Callum doesn’t feel the same but asks if they can remain friends.
Being friends with Callum is not easy, especially when Callum confides in Ed about all the other disastrous dates he’s going on. Now Ed just needs to hang on until Callum sees what Ed knew from the first date—that they would be perfect boyfriends. 

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